Welcome to Italian Language Coaching

Coaching. Having found my site, you most probably share some of my passion for Italy and the Italian language. Languages must be fun to learn and the teaching should be a combination of several aspects besides grammar in order to provide a comprehensive linguistic understanding.

My choice of the term “language coaching” indicates that I operate at the same time on several aspects of the language. As in other forms of coaching, here too, it’s possible to have a holistic approach and I’m convinced that a language must be looked upon in its entirety, composed by several components, which altogether constitute “Language”, including grammar, pronunciation, culture and traditions. Being an expert in grammar won’t bring you anywhere, if your pronunciation is not understandable and the intercultural conversation is likely to be problematic, if you are not able to distinguish between the different Italian linguistic variants. A business cooperation might cease completely, if you are not familiar with the respective countries’ business cultures etc etc.

My personal passion manifests itself in the fusion of language and music. I have a background in classical music combined with a Master’s degree in Italian from The Copenhagen Business School. Furthermore I’m a certified interpreter and translator, as well as I’m having the double Danish-Italian citizenship. I wrote my thesis on phonetics i.e. the science of sounds and pronunciation and I’m thrilled with making formulas in relation to creation, duration and termination of sounds all by means of the vocal organs. These formulas will allow you to succeed in producing sounds previously difficult or impossible to copy. The sounds, though, differ due to style i.e. whether they are recited, sung or spoken in a formal or informal way.

How do you need to improve your Italian? I look very much forward to hearing from you!